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Friday 15 October 2010

Who I am??

I don't know how many people does have this question in mind..But I always have..!
There are many more moments when I feel that "I have done someting..,I have acheived something.."But very next moment I understand that it has been done by some one else..! By some one, whom we can not see easily but can feel easily..!!

I also doesn't have faith in various rituals about God. But I do feel him  during wandering thru huge mountains, going across wide rivers, in the eyes of inocent animals, in evey note of music and of course in human being too. More over I feel that GOD is not in those carved stones only  but every stone is GOD itself..Just we need that sight to see him thru that stone.

I came across various people in my small life, who do almost 1/2 day prayers but I was not impressed by them as they were not behaving properly with live animals including human being. If some one can not behave properly then what that prayer will benefit? So I like those people, who tried to do something good for others.
It doesn't mean that every one shall do huge social work but giving food and water to hungry person, helping kids to get better education, giving shelters to them who doesn't have it, is nothing but great "POOJA" and I always try to this POOJA only..

I may be wrong according to the set trends of worship but I always behave differently and so that people says "He is a crazy fellow.."

Sudhanshu --10/10/10

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