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Sunday 28 November 2010

खेळ जीवनाचा..

माड पोफळी चा हिरवा किनारा 
       समोर निळा सागर सारा 
मनात आपुल्या रोज फुलावा 
                    मयूराचा  तो   छान पिसारा..
लाल इथली तांबडी माती
    कशी फुलवते भावूक प्रीती
कुणाकुणाचे आयुष्य उजळे
                कुणाकुणाची जुळली नाती..
प्रत्येकाच्या पाठीवरती
                     कसले किती वळ
तरी येथील चंद्र तारे जगण्या देती बळ...
अस्वस्थ असुनी स्वस्थ रहावे
                     नाही खंत ना खेद कशाचा
जन्मा आलो मस्त जगावे खेळ समजुनी ईश्वराचा...
                                                                             -- सुधांशु नाईक, कल्याण. २८/११/१०. 

Saturday 27 November 2010

जगणेच महाग..

गहू महाग, तांदूळ महाग ..चहा पिण्या साखर महाग..
तेल महाग तूप महाग ..आंघोळीचा साबण महाग..
पाणी महाग दूध महाग शेतीसाठी बियाणे महाग..
बैल महाग गाडी महाग पंपासाठी वीज महाग..
तक्रार सांगाया जावे तर ऐकणारे अधिकारी महाग..
मंत्र्यांची सदा ती  परदेशवारी तरीही एसटीचे तिकीट महाग..
घरी शांत बसू म्हटले तर राहण्यासाठी घरे महाग..
कार महाग रिक्षा महाग सावलीसाठी झाडे महाग..
जगण्याचाच येतो वीट परंतु जाळून घेण्या रॉकेल महाग..
-सुधांशु नाईक - २६/११/१०

Sunday 7 November 2010

Are we proud of...

Every body is proud of something..His family..His hometown,cast, region,state,language, culture etc.. But frankly speaking we are not that much pround to be an "Indian..".

I remeber school days we were happy to sing "JANA GANA MANA or Vande Mataram " but used get boared to recite "Pratigya..i.e. Bharat maza desh ahe..etc. etc. Because if you read history it's a fact that we Indian are nevery united as an Indian except few occasions. We all are eithe or Punjabi or Marathi or Tamil or Gujarathis..etc. or we were Brahmins, vanis, kshtriyas, etc etc..!!! Even we have fighed previously based on village level.

And this is the only key to outsiders to come and rule us..This is happening from long back..since thousands of years..!! But we never learned lesssons..Our old generations did same mistakes and we are following the same with various new we are dividing ourselves in various small groups..Instead of this we have to unite and rule the world..
This Deewali should give this message to entire world that Indians are united and fighting with their own problems e.g. correption, non environment friendly attitudes,poor infrastructure,pollution and fights based on cast /religon. We will be successful in our fights, and then we will encourage entire world to establish "Bharatiy Sanskriti" worldwide..

I hope every one is already doing something..let's do it together..!!